Cowboy artist JK Dooley’s Cowboy & Rodeo Art!


Do you sell reproductions?

Yes, I do! Plain or framed and matted, canvas wrap, secure online payment, acid free archival ink, secure packaging and delivery within one week - Click here to order.

Do you do commissions?

I am currently accepting commissions for my fabric art.

If you have family photos you would like to see in a personalized

fabric creation, send an email now! :)

Are your images with sayings on them for sale?

Currently these are found on my Facebook page and on my

website. I’m gathering feedback for a possible greeting card line.

You sell giclées at your shows....What is a Giclée?

Giclée is a French term referring to "squirting" liquids. In art

terminology, giclée applies to squirting microscopic ink droplets

onto art materials such as canvas or watercolor paper using a

computer-driven printing device for the purpose of art production or reproduction.

To be a true giclée, the prints must be printed on art material (canvas, watercolor paper, etc.), be able to be printed at any size and use high-gamut, moisture-resistant, archival inks. Giclées are specifically targeted to being displayed in indoor lighting; generally bright, direct lighting, such as galleries or offices. Quality reproduction, color fidelity and long term archivability are major attributes.

With proper care, Life-span estimates of giclée prints, printed with pigmented inks, by third-party testing run as long as 100 years without noticeable fading. You can find a number of reports on this on the internet.

Like any piece of fine art, your paper giclée should be matted and framed by a professional who uses acid-free, museum quality materials. Direct sunlight and direct moisture is not recommended for giclée reproductions or fine art originals. 

Do you paint from photographs? I have a picture of myself that I want you to paint.

I paint from photographs that I have taken; I typically do not paint from photographs taken by others. My attention to detail and obsession that every aspect of the piece is technically correct prohibits me from painting from memory or imagination. I won't work from someone else's photograph because I didn't have the chance to meet the cowboy or the horse or experience the weather and mood of the event.

Why don’t you paint faces? Aren’t you any good?

I can paint portraits, however, I choose not to, for a couple reasons. I focus on the relationship between the people and animals through the expressions and actions of the animals. I also find if you can see the expression on a person’s face, it affects the image in a definite way. Do you want an image of a stranger hanging on their walls? You can imagine yourself or anyone else in these paintings.

What do you paint with?

All my original paintings are watercolors.

Why don’t you paint action scenes or landscapes?

Because I prefer tight, closely cropped renditions of cowboy life.

Hey-how come no cowgirls? You know we are out there! (and we aren't just sitting around in bathtubs with pretty golden locks streaming down!)

This is a common question. I travel to rodeos to find most of my material. As I am not a professional photographer, I have no fancy zoom lenses, etc. to get pics of the rodeo cowgirls at their events, as they are usually out in the middle of the arena. I hang out by the chutes to get shots of the rodeo cowboys, and there are rarely cowgirls back there. Since I paint from my own photos, unless I happen to be fortunate enough to find a working ranch with working cowgirls, those paintings will be few and far between!

Why do you paint cowboy butts?

OK. Really, this is the reason…..I focus on the gear the rodeo cowboys wear. Typically, when I’m at a rodeo taking pictures I’m right behind the chutes, which means I’m behind the cowboys!!! Honest!!!!

Why did you paint him with Levi’s on? Everyone knows ‘real’ cowboys only wear Wranglers!

Yes, I really do get this question. It amazes me how folks can say such silly things. The last time I heard this was from a snobby gal who most likely doesn't even own a pair of matter who made 'em! I paint from candid photographs. They are taken in the moment. I don’t feel comfortable asking a stranger to remove his Levi’s in exchange for a pair of Wranglers. Yes, the commissioned pieces are posed, but, since it is a commission and I am being paid, I rarely make wardrobe suggestions….

Why aren’t your originals standard sized images?

I just cannot bring myself to create original paintings in certain exact sizes. It’s a personal thing.

Can I purchase originals from you?

My originals are available for purchase at Jon Crane Gallery, Hill City, South Dakota. 800.288.1948

Do you sell anywhere else on the internet?

Yes, but only through recognized galleries who purchase directly from me. If you find my images for sale anywhere on the internet, please let me know. If they aren't authorized by me, they are being illegally reproduced.

Will you donate to charitable events?

It depends, contact me with any questions.

Will you torment me with daily emails?

No. You'll receive updates on specials, new art, etc. They'll arrive occasionally.....

Will you sell my address?


Do you sell at art shows?

Yes, updates on shows will be emailed to you if you are on my contact list.

Do you offer specials?


Do you accept credit cards? Checks and money orders?

I accept payment via PayPal. You may mail checks and money orders, though they will need to clear before your fabric art is shipped.